I’ve had a few people recently ask me what the plan now that we own our cruising boat.

The loose plan as of now is to go back to the Bay Area in mid to late October, get the boat ready to move aboard (things like the fridge and freezer need to be fixed for example), and then move onto her. This is the subject to change part, because we don’t actually have a timeline on that yet, but let’s just go with that timeline for now.

We have some furniture we will be selling, and some of the better furniture we can’t replace that we will be keeping. That stuff will be left in storage in Eugene, Oregon, where David’s sister Wendy currently lives. We’ll take the wine, our clothes, and some of our kitchen stuff with us. The loose plan is to live in a friend’s extra house for now until the boat is ready, maybe 3 months, maybe 6. Or less.

I’ll keep working and saving as much as I can. David will work part-time with some of his clients who still want to see him weekly, work part-time for one of the boat shops, and work part-time on our boat. The loose plan is to do this for 2 years.

After that, we will head back up north to the Pacific Northwest, stopping first in Port Townsend for an undetermined amount of time. I really want to cruise up to Alaska and back, and we may winter over in the PNW. Then, the trip really begins… we’ll hop down the west coast stopping in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, and then down into Mexico. Puerto Vallarta. Then further to the Panama Canal, and over to the Caribbean. Past there, we have two options we’re considering – back up to New England, or maybe follow the Robin and Mike route and go to the Caribbean. All the while, I’ll probably continue working a little bit, since I can and frankly we’re not independently wealthy. At least not yet we aren’t, but I keep working on it!

At least that’s the loose plan, subject to change.