As you can probably imagine, we’re going through a monumental shift in our lives, individually and together. Leaving the Bay Area was a huge shift in thinking, because we’d both lived there a long time and we have a tight group of friends there. Our sailing community is there. However, living and working in a wee condo full-time and watching David waiting for a pandemic to loosen restrictions on his job… well, I was watching him bored to tears every day. I couldn’t even get him interested in watching General Hospital reruns, because he just wasn’t interested.

After making the mental leap of “let’s get the cruising goal underway by moving aboard”, I started imagining myself living on a boat and overweight. It’s no secret than I’m overweight; I’ve been overweight most of my life, except for a few days here and there. At 53 years old, I’ve started to think that old classic “how does this weight serve me?” Realizing it’s not going to serve me living on an adult jungle gym, it’s not serving my mental health, it’s not serving my energy level, and it’s not serving my blood pressure (which was recently diagnosed as high, so I had to start taking low dose blood pressure meds), I have come to the conclusion that it’s time for me to grow up and make choices that will be good for me, keep me alive, and keep me off of medication. I really don’t like medication as a fix for things, and until this blood pressure med, I didn’t take anything.

I’m now in a committed relationship with The Kim Project.

I had wine flowing through my veins. I haven’t had a drink of anything for a week, and our diet has completely changed. As usual, my amazing husband (and chef and personal trainer) has upped his game and thrown all his support my way. Up until this morning, I was already feeling better, but man… today I have felt like doing the zoomies like a young puppy. Something in my internal wiring kicked in, and I’m flying high as a kite (and that’s without edibles). Happy to report in my first week of low to no carb with protein and vegetables, I’m down over 5 pounds. I won’t say how much more I want to lose, but let’s just say it’s a chunk. And this time, I’m going to get there, not because I want a “beach body” or I want to fit into these cute 501s… this time it’s health related. First time in my life it’s not been about vanity.

Here’s to my clothes falling off of me. Here’s to not having to take drugs. Here’s to throwing our lives to the wind and enjoying the journey. And here’s to Ernie still being alive. Cheers.